Our vision is to holistically develop learners' skills & abilities to reach their utmost potential.

  • " Reading in Arabic is no longer a challenge "

  • " I learn best when I have fun "

  • " Dreaming for a better future "

  • " When I learn, I use all my senses "

Mazen, 10 years old
"I had a student in fifth grade who was a phonetic speller. In grade one, invented spelling is quite common, but in grade five, this surely raised a red flag. Every time I would point out his mistake and ask him to fix it. The next day, he would misspell the same word. It was as if this was the way the words were imprinted in his mind. For "said" he would write "sed" and for "make" he would write "maik". I recommended he follow a corrective intervention for spelling at LEAPS Center. After a few months of intervention, I could already feel that his spelling has improved. He now is able to identify his mistakes and self correct them."

Tarek, 8 years old
"My son Tarek has difficulty in attention and concentration. His teachers always complained that even though he is smart, he tends to get one high grade and then one low grade with no consistency. Whenever they would tell him to pay attention, he would only do so for a short period of time. Similarly, at home, sitting down and completing his homework was a nightmare. The whole family would end up fighting and trying to get him to finish his homework. For this reason, an intervention at LEAPS Center was necessary. The program he followed helped him calm down and attend to a task for nearly 45 minutes. He became more organized and this was evident at home as well as in school. The astonishing results we got also had a positive impact on our relationship as a family."

Cynthia, 19 years old
"In school, I struggled with reading comprehension. I had to read each sentence two-three times before I understood what it was about. I also found it hard to retrieve the main idea and answer the questions correctly. Despite the fact that I was getting really good grades in Math, I was failing all my language related courses. Intervention really helped me boost my language skills. Now I enjoy reading as I feel the words have meaning. I am also able to complete my tests on time and reply to comprehension questions confidently."

Michelle, 6 years old
"In 2009, my daughter Michelle followed an intervention at LEAPS Center as she was struggling with reading. I noticed that her classmates could read a whole page while she still struggled to decode simple CVC words. With time, Michelle developed a negative attitude towards school and refused to go every morning. After the corrective intervention, Michelle showed remarkable progress in her reading skills. She is now able to decode accurately and more fluently. Despite the fact that she was behind her class, the intensive intervention she followed helped her fill in the gaps and now she is fully up to her grade level. I am extremely happy with the results as they not only helped my daughter read, they also helped her regain self-confidence."

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